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 Love, gambling, and revenge in 1883 Denver


How this story came to be…

Long about 2007ish, I entered an on-line writing contest sponsored by The Romance Studio. It was a three-round competition. The first two stages of the contest were writing the first 1000 words of a story based on a pre-determined story prompt. The third stage was to create a newsletter. At each stage, you posted your entry and readers logged-in and voted. If you ‘finaled’, you went on to the next level. (FYI: I made it to the newsletter level, but I didn’t win. I think I placed third or fourth.)

Anyway, Gambling with Love, my latest release (2nd edition release) with Prairie Rose Publications evolved from one of the story prompts of that contest. Here’s the prompt:

Character A is in law enforcement and must find and arrest Character B. These characters have a romantic history that went sour. Character A’s feelings are still strong for Character B. Write their reunion scene with the arrest in mind.

Consequently, my western romance, Gambling with Love, was born from that prompt.

Gambling with Love is set in 1883 in Denver, Colorado against the backdrop of a high-stakes poker tournament. The heroine, Lainie Conrad (Character B) is a professional poker player seeking revenge against the gambler responsible for her husband’s murder. Her plans for revenge are compromised when U.S. Deputy Marshal Nick Foster (Character A) shows up to arrest and escort her back east to stand trial for suspected murder.

Here’s a teaser book video to whet your reading appetite.

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