Hello from Colorado

Welcome to Lasterday Stories.

When my oldest grandson was a preschooler, he said lasterday for yesterday. ‘Lasterday’ tickled my fancy as a delightful descriptor of the ‘olden days’, which is the time period for the stories I write.

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HAHA – Just kidding.

There is history, romance, and adventure in all my stories,  which is really what recreational reading is all about—being entertained for a few hours away from the stressors of the real world.

Who knows? Maybe I will write a Pulitzer someday. 😉

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If images and photos were included in my books and stories, you’d see this in The Comanchero’s Bride.

Mingo and Isabelle spent the night in a dugout like this during a blizzard in the New Mexico Territory.

Image by Kaye Spencer