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Coming February 2021
Fire Star Press
(an imprint of Prairie Rose Publications)




Ceara Rocchelli’s mobster husband, Eddie “The Roach” Rocchelli, has a mean temper and a heavy hand that lands her in the hospital with a late pregnancy miscarriage. Reacting to her threat to leave him, he puts her under 24-hour bodyguard “protection” with the promise that the only way she’ll ever leave him is over his dead body…or hers.

Desperate for her freedom, Ceara searches for her husband’s Achilles’ Heel. She finds it in the form of his double bookkeeping ledgers: One for taxes and the other containing his real financial dealings. With her ticket to a new life in her hands, she contacts J. Edgar Hoover and makes a deal to exchange the ledgers for federal protection.

But Al Capone throws a monkey wrench into her escape plans.

Instead of chocolates and flowers, what she gets on Valentine’s Day is a Chicago gangland massacre and a run for her life with undercover Federal Agent Hagen Kane as her protector.