Girls’ Night Out, Magic Mike, and Socializing Woes

I’m not a socializer. I’m a loner. My kids say I’m an antisocial reclusive hermit. I dread mingling with the teeming masses. Socializing is emotionally and psychological exhausting for me. After enduring a social activity, I usually retreat to the solitary security of my basement writing hovel for quiet “me” time in order to regain the energy I expended socializing. And I particularly abhor cutesy party games. The older I get, the harder it is for me to interact with groups of people, and this includes interactions at work. Now, having shared that little personality quirk, I have to admit that I ‘bit the bullet’, so-to-speak, and attended a pre-party (with the dreaded party game) before going to the movie theater to watch ‘Magic Mike’.

And I had a great time, silly game and all!

Before the movie, sixteen ‘girls’ got together in a friend’s backyard for drinks and snacks. Our ages ranged from 31 to 57. We sat around visiting and playing a game called, “Drink If…” or “Take a Treat If…” for the non-drinkers and the Designated Drivers of the evening. This game entailed drawing a slip of paper from a basket and reading the statement on that paper aloud. If the statement was applicable to you, you took a drink of your beverage or a treat from a basket. Here are a few of the “Drink If” statements:

Drink IF/Take a Treat IF:

  • …you’ve ever attended a ‘live’ male strip show, such as Chippendales (share the story).
  • …if you have a tattoo (share the story of getting it).
  • …if you or someone you know named a child after a Hollywood hunk or diva (share the story).
  • …if you’re wearing black shoes.
  • …if you DIDN’T check your e-mail today.
  • …you’re going to sit in the front row at the theater and make a spectacle of yourself in public during the movie.
  • …if you know the middle (or maiden) name of the woman on your right without asking her (share with the group).
  • …if you have a picture of your significant other with you right now
  • …if you can’t wait to post on FB, Twitter, or text that you went to “Magic Mike”.

You get the idea.

My community is small and everyone knows everyone else, so there’s no anonymity when attending the movie. Consequently, those of us who sat on the front row <…ahem…> were certainly remembered later in the week when we encountered others who sat behind us during the movie. 🙂

Interestingly enough, this turned out to be one of the few social endurance activities that I’ve actually enjoyed. I was invigorated, and it had nothing to do with the hard-bodied strippers in the movie—magnificent eye candy, mediocre acting and plot. I was invigorated because of the camaraderie. The female bonding. The girl-time. It turned out to be a rare, “Magic Moment” [pun intended].

We now have tentative plans to get together around Halloween and have a ‘Flicks on Bricks’ evening in someone’s backyard (movie outside projected on the house wall). Maybe we’ll watch “Rocky Horror Picture Show” or some other cult-status movie. A sing-along with Tim Curry singing “Sweet Transvestite” is a sure-fire girl-bonding experience. Right?

Might be fun. Might not. We’ll see.

By the way, I’m the one kneeling in the picture below.

Until next time,


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