History #Trivia – Week of March 26 to April 1 by Kaye Spencer

March 26, 1827: Ludwig van Beethoven died this day in Vienna.

March 27, 1860: M.L. Byrn of New York City received a patent for the corkscrew.

March 28, 1692: In Salem, Massachuchetts, Elizabeth Proctor is accused of witchcraft. I highly recommend the 1996 movie The Crucible for a decent depiction of this historical time period.

March 29, 1944: World War II – Roger Bushell, RAF officer and POW, is shot by Nazis. He was instrumental in the famous prison camp break in the story of The Great Escape.

March 30-1992: 64th Academy Awards – The Oscar for Best Movie goes to The Silence of the Lambs, and the Best Actor and Actress are Anthony Hopkins and Jody Foster for their performances in the movie.

March 31,1776: Abigail Adams wrote a letter to her husband John urging him ‘not to forget the women in the Declaration’.

April 1, 1875: The Times of London becomes first newspaper to print a daily weather chart.

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