History #Trivia – Week of April 9 – April 15 by Kaye Spencer

April 9, 1872: Samuel R. Percy was issued a patent for dried milk.

April 10, 1912: RMS Titanic set sail for its first & last voyage.

April 11, 1692: During the infamous Salem witch trials, John Proctor protested examination of his wife Elizabeth. He became the first man accused of witchcraft. He was incarcerated and later hanged.

April 12, 1961: Marty Robbins’ song ‘El Paso’ won best Country & Western Performance at the 3rd Grammy Awards

April 13, 1866: Born: Butch Cassidy [Robert Parker] of Wild Bunch fame.

April 14, 1935: ‘Black Sunday’ was considered the worst day for blowing dirt during the Dust Bowl years. I live in the heart of the bowl. In 2013, we had a dust storm to rival those of the 1930s. This collage illustrates this. (image is Kaye’s)

April 15, 1923: Insulin became generally available for diabetics. What a wonderful medical breakthrough.

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