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January’s theme is Baby, It’s Cold Outside. The wintry excerpt below is from my western romance novelette, Silver and Gold, which is included in the Christmas holiday anthology, A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe.


Morning broke clear and crisp with a promise on the breeze that a storm was on its way. They were an hour on the road when the wind changed direction, and the temperature dropped ahead of the cold north wind swooping down off the mountain. Huddling under the protection of two blankets, one draped over her head and shoulders that she clutched tightly to her body and the other over her lap and legs, Sydney appreciated the heated rocks in the pan at her feet and that Joe insisted on driving the wagon the rest of the way.

Cold as she was, she was glad for the wind, because it made conversation difficult even sitting side by side. Talking was the last thing she wanted to do. She didn’t trust herself to conceal her disappointment that Joe wasn’t returning to Fairplay with her. She was so disappointed that she hadn’t been able to talk or even make eye contact with him at supper after he said he was going on to Breckenridge. She’d go back home. And life would continue just like it had before they’d met.

Except it wouldn’t. Not for her.

Peeking at him from behind her cape-blanket, she took a good look at him. He was tall, but not too tall. She didn’t have to tilt her head back to see his face when they were standing face-to-face. When she’d tripped and he’d held her for those brief moments, she’d felt the solid muscle of his broad-shouldered body. He was a man not afraid of hard work. Then she’d warmed to him when he’d engaged in that silly talking to himself conversation, which she fully realized was for her benefit to ease her discomfort of traveling with a strange man. But when he talked of his son with such love for a child he’d never met, yet one he didn’t doubt he’d sired, her heart had opened to him. She knew nothing about him, yet this was enough for her to know he was a good and decent man.

Retreating behind protection of her blanket, she wondered if Joe had come along coincidentally just when her heart balanced on the brink of leaving her sorrow behind or if her heart had opened to the possibility of loving again because he’d arrived in her life. Maybe there was no difference.

South Park, Colorado
‘Silver and Gold’ is set in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains area of Fairplay, which is in a valley called South Park. This image is looking northwesterly toward the Mosquito Range. *image by Kaye Spencer*

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February’s Blog-a-Book-Scene theme: All You Need is Love

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