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February’s theme is All You Need is Love. The excerpt below is the hero professing his love for the heroine.


“Have you ever ridden horseback with a mysteriously handsome man holding you in his arms? Or remained awake all night with him just to watch the sunrise?” Mingo asked.

Elizabeth laughed at his melodramatic display. “Not until now. Why?”

Taking hold of her hands, he helped her up, and enfolded her into his arms.

“Then this is a first time for us to remember.” She was so small in his embrace, yet her pale blue eyes shone with an emotional awakening that rivaled the brilliance of all the stars in the heavens.

He drew the back of his fingers along her cheek. “Isabel, trust your heart into my keeping and become my wife.”

“I’ve never given my heart away.” Her words, although timorous and soft, gave him hope.

“I am confident your love for me will grow. I will make you a good husband. I can provide what you are already accustomed to, and more. It is my vow to love you until I die, and even beyond then to the very end of time. I promise to do all within my power to make sure you never regret marrying me. My words come from my heart. All I ask is that you consider my proposal. Will you do that?”

He held his breath. Around them, birds chirped greetings to the day as a fresh predawn breeze rustled the brush, lifting the aroma of damp earth…

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