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classic songsSing Me a Classic Song Sunday, posted on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, highlights two songs with similar themes. Today’s comparison is Four Walls by Jim Reeves and Hello Walls by Faron Young.

Both songs tell the story of a man who is alone at home with nothing but wishes and regrets for companionship, while his partner is either out on the town having a good time without him or has left him for someone else. They have a hopeless longing for what they can never have back and a heartbreaking wish that things had been different. There is a depressive, claustrophobic feel in these songs. The walls take on anthropomorphic qualities and serve as the singer’s only friends and source of solace as well as being the rope he’s hanging onto to keep from going crazy with sadness and despair.

Jim Reeves discovered Four Walls, while in the office of record producer Chet Atkins. Jim recorded the song in his soft, intimate voice, which was completely different from previous, and less successful, recordings. His version reached Number 1 on the country music charts in 1957 and Number 12 on pop charts**.

Hello Walls was written by Willie Nelson, and Faron Young was the first to record it. The song was a huge 1961 hit as it reached Number 1 on country music charts, peaked at Number 12 on pop charts, and it ‘introduced the songwriter to a national audience’*.

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