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February’s Blog-A-Book theme is All You Need is Love. This excerpt is from my western romance novel, The Gunfighter’s Woman. The hero, Matt, is preparing to face his destiny, and he’s tying-up loose ends.




Matt walked to him with the other item he’d taken from the saddlebag. John looked at him, then at the revolver.

Shaking his head, he said, “I’ve never held a gun. I wouldn’t know how to use it. And I don’t believe I could take a life.”

“Even if it meant saving your own?”

John tapped his Bible. “All the protection I need is in here.”

“Unless you can wear that book like a piece of armor and it can stop bullets, the six shots in this gun may be a better choice to get you through this alive.” Matt took John’s hand and slapped the gun on his palm. “Tuck it into your trousers where you can reach it. When this plays out, it may be up to you to help the rest of the Stirling family go on…” Matt swallowed the tight lump in his throat and blew out a hard breath.

John placed a hand on Matt’s arm. “You can count on me to help where I’m needed.”

“John, if I don’t make it back to her, finish this for me.” Matt held out the velvet covered ring box. “Tell her I didn’t leave her alone. Tell her I didn’t take the gold and run.”

He looked at the box then at Matt. “May I?” Matt nodded.

John opened the box. For a few seconds, he smiled and nodded, then tucked the box into his coat pocket. “I will, Matt. I’ll make sure she knows.”

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