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The theme for March is Beware the Ides of March. The excerpt below is from my western romance novel, Gambling with Love. The heroine, Lainie, is out for vengeance for the murder of her husband.

Gambling with Love western romance novel by Kaye SpencerExcerpt

It was the dark of morning when nothing and no one stirred. Daybreak was still just a promise at the edge of the horizon when Lainie stood in the hallway outside of Ford’s door. Once more, she inspected her attire to make sure all was in place and properly concealed under her boudoir garments.

Upon first dressing, she donned her woolen traveling suit, because it was the logical choice in light of impending travel, but mostly to defy Ford’s desire to dress to please him. Then she’d reconsidered. Lust was his Achilles’ heel. It was his weakness she intended to exploit as a means to her end.

She knew well what he would see when she removed her velvet cape—a floor-length, diaphanous, black chiffon, curve-hugging peignoir that hinted she wore nothing else beneath the silky cloth. The satin waist-length pèlerine she wore over the peignoir concealed Seaton’s shoulder holsters with the pearl-handled derringers. The holster harness didn’t fit her, which made it an uncomfortable accoutrement, but it was a tool necessary for concluding her business. Had Seaton been wearing his derringers as he usually did when gambling, she was convinced he wouldn’t have been the man who had died that night. But the hotel had expressly forbidden weapons at the table which, in the end, had not prevented the violence that had ultimately destroyed her world.

Closing her eyes, she inhaled a deep breath, held it, exhaled slowly, then opened her eyes, and rapped lightly on the door.

“Please, come in.”

On another deep breath, she opened the door. Dressed in a brocaded smoking jacket, dark colored pressed trousers, and as nattily groomed as ever, Ford stood across the room in the open doorway of what she presumed to be the bedroom.

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