Sing Me A Classic Song Sunday by Kaye Spencer – Cher and Jim Croce #classicrock #classicpop #softrock

Sing Me a Classic Song Sunday highlights two songs with similar themes (music videos and/or audio version below). Today’s comparison is If I Could Turn Back Time by Cher and Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce.

If I Could Turn Back Time was written by Diane Warren (look her up – she has an impressive portfolio of award-winning songs). This song is on Cher’s nineteenth album, Heart of Stone, as well as her The Greatest Hits and The Very Best of Cher albums. The song was released in 1989. If I Could Turn Back Time is considered a comeback song for her. Anecdotally, Cher hated the song when she heard the demo, but Diane Warren pleaded with her to record the song.* The lyrics tell the story of regretting the hurtful words you’ve said to someone you love, and you’d give anything—even turn back time—to take  those words back and be given a second chance.

Jim Croce had a hit single with Time in a Bottle in November 1973. He wrote the lyrics after his wife told him she was pregnant.** After his untimely death, the song received a great deal of airtime. The lyrics of facing your mortality resonated with people even more. Time in a Bottle laments the lack of time in a person’s life to do everything he or she wants to do. We must tend to the things that matter: love and spending our time with our loved ones.

The message here is to treasure the people you love, and not to end up with regrets like Cher did. *wink*

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