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Blog-a-Book-Scene is a monthly themed blogging endeavor from a group of authors who love to share excerpts from their stories. The theme for March is Beware the Ides of March, which means you’d better watch your back, because bad things are coming your way.

Read on, if you dare…

The teaser-snippets below are from each of the six stories in the western romance novels boxed set, Under a Western Sky. These snippets are not for the faint of heart.

The Comanchero’s Bride by Kaye Spencer

Her arms throbbed where he gripped them, but she refused to let him know he could hurt her. He pinched her chin, kissing her roughly. She took his assault without emotion, her apathy triggering his anger. With his face inches from hers, he threatened, “Unless you relish the idea of an extended rest in an asylum for your nerves, you’ll do as I say.” He released her with a shove.

Fire Eyes by Cheryl Pierson

…the razor-sharp blade streaked across Kaed’s chest, leaving a crisp line of arcing red across his skin where the sliced material of his chambray shirt and undershirt hung gaping. Kaed’s instincts took over and he began to fight, though he knew they’d overpower him. The whole damn camp came running to help, and he was ready to take them all on. He slugged through the men, ignoring his bruised, bleeding knuckles. The pain was nothing compared to the pleasure that slid through him as his fists connected with the outlaws’ faces. Finally, they converged on him, pummeling him until he went down, and still they beat at him with fists and boots, kicking and hammering until he was dealt a powerful punch to the side of the head, and he knew no more…

Texas Gold by Tracy Garrett

If he’d had the breath, he would have laughed at the cruel joke life had played on him, one of many tossed his way. He’d made it–somewhere–and he was going to die anyway. His mind rebelled at the thought of the bastards finally beating him, but even failing his last assignment couldn’t give him the strength to lift a fist. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back. At least he would be found and buried properly. When the darkness came, he fought against giving in, but it was stronger, dragging him down into the unending black…

Margarita and the Hired Gun by Patti Sherry-Crews

She tried to open her mouth to scream and bite. She tasted grime on the hand held tight over her mouth. The sour smell of the man on the other end of it assaulted her nostrils at the same time. The other man stepped close to her, smiling an evil grin. The knife flashed in his hand, moving in an arc above her head. The end of the handle connected with her scalp. Stars flashed before her eyes, and she fought the feeling she was going to pass out…

Xenia’s Renegade by Agnes Alexander

Xenia heard the commotion in the hall and recognized Ty’s loud, angry voice, but with the gag in her mouth and being tied to the chair she was helpless to do anything to indicate her whereabouts. Her face still hurt where Lou had hit her in the mouth and nose. The blood that spouted from her nose was still dripping down her chin and onto her dress…

All My Hopes and Dreams by Celia Yeary

Irene huddled against the base of a big oak, lying on the ground among the exposed roots and leaves and rocks, curled into a ball, crying and whimpering pitiably. Her think nightgown was torn and bloody, her hair strewn with small pieces of grass and twigs. Cynthia knelt beside her and reached out to touch her shoulder. “Irene, can you sit up. I need to see how hurt you are. Can you?”

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