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April’s #Blogabookscene theme is April Showers and everything and anything related to the unsettled weather in the spring to the planting season as the weather settles. The late spring thunderstorm excerpt below is from my paranormal-lite contemporary short novel, Give Me Tomorrow.

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A few weeks later, Jax finished disking-up the half‐mile track at Lissa’s place just ahead of the storm that moved in Thursday evening of Memorial Day weekend. Overnight, the track turned into a deep and muddy, sloppy mess, which was the exact condition he wanted for a mud‐running excursion. Friday morning, he trailered-in four young horses and put them up in the rundown barn he’d been fixing up in his spare time.

During an afternoon break in the rain, Jax asked Lissa to help him with the horses. They took two of the colts for a gallop then returned them to the barn and saddled the other two. When Jax swung up to the back of his salty two‐year‐old gelding, he knew right off he had his hands full. The gelding balked at the mud, which made it a chore to finish one trip around the track even with Lissa and her filly along as company. As hardheaded as the horse, Jax wasn’t about to let the gelding get the better of him. No horse ever had.

“Lissa, I’m taking this fella a couple more rounds by himself. He’s as barn-sour as he is buddy-sour.”

“All right. I’ll put this girl up and set out the hay and grain. It’s a little early for evening chores, but it feels like it’s about to rain again.”

“Good idea. We won’t be long.”

When Lissa cut off at the gap to head for the barn, Jax expected his horse would naturally follow, and he was right. Plow‐reining him, Jax made the gelding continue alone. The horse cut back twice, but Jax brought him around each time, and they made it around the track at a slow jog without trouble. It was a different story when they passed the fence gap the second time. The colt fought against Jax’s insistence to keep going, tossing his head left and right to break Jax’s hold on the reins. When that got him nowhere, he wheeled and started backing up. Jax knew from experience what was coming. The horse tensed; Jax kicked free of the stirrups. The colt’s front legs bounced against the ground twice, then his front end lifted as he threw himself over backward.

“You little son of a bi— ”

Jax bailed off just as the colt slipped in the mud and came crashing down…

Give Me Tomorrow has a tentative publication date of October 2018
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More information in the weeks to come…

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