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Sing Me a Classic Song Sunday highlights two songs with similar themes (music videos and/or audio version below). Today’s comparison is Is this Love? by Whitesnake and When It’s Love by Van Halen. Both songs address the need for love in a person’s life and their search for true love. The narrators in the songs question what it means to find real, long-lasting love. The bigger question, though, it how to recognize real love when it happens. Love, and loving someone, is somewhat of a crap shoot, and we have to go on faith and what we believe in our hearts, to be love. Try as we might, there is no sure-fire way to identify this crazy little thing called love.

Is This Love? was released in the U. K. in March 1987 as the second single from their Whitesnake album. It reached Number 9 in the U. K. singles chart and Number 2 in U.S. Billboard’s Hot 100. The lead singer is David Coverdale.

When It’s Love is a power ballad** by Van Halen with Sammy Hagar as lead vocalist. It is a single from their 1988 album OU812**, and it reached Number 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts** and Number 5 on the Hot 100**.

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