THE COMANCHERO’S BRIDE by Kaye Spencer – August #blogabookscene Alone Again, Naturally #PrairieRosePubs #westernromance

Blog-a-Book-Scene is a monthly themed blogging endeavor from a group of authors who love to share excerpts from their stories. Find us on Twitter with the hashtag #blogabookscene and #PrairieRosePubs.

The theme for August is Alone Again, Naturally. The scene I’m highlighting on my monthly featured blogging day at Prairie Rose Publications’ blog is from my western romance novel, The Comanchero’s Bride.




Isabel jerked awake. She lay still, listening, but all she heard was the incessant wind worrying the brush and buffalo grass. Heart pounding, she looked to the horses. They stared away from camp, heads high, nostril flared. It hadn’t been her imagination. Whatever had startled them had awakened her. Hurrying to them, she quieted them, listening and watching just as they were. Then the sound came again—the unmistakable crack of distant gunfire. With a sinking feeling in her stomach, she knew Mingo was at the heart of the gunfire…

Click HERE to read the rest of the excerpt on the Prairie Rose Publications’ blog.

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