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Last week, on September 20th, my paranormal-lite, cowboy-meets-vampire story Give Me Tomorrow was released through Fire Star Press. The story is actually a rerelease of a short story that I expanded, deepened, and retitled.

Why do I call this story ‘paranormal-lite’? Give Me Tomorrow is a vampire story, yes, but the vampire aspect is not the primary thread in the story. It’s a story about learning to live with what life hands you while coming to terms with the ‘demons’ of your past so you can move forward in life with someone you love. The heroine is the vampire, who handles her vampireness as a health issue that she’s learned to live with. It doesn’t dominate her life. She is not an I vant to drink your blood. Blah Blah Blah vampire. *wink* Hence, the ‘lite’ aspect of paranormal.

Give Me Tomorrow is a short novel. Many of the scenes are drawn from my real-life experiences. Well, not the vampire aspects of the story, but others. *wink* To read about the connections between my life and the story plus read an excerpt, you will find the full article at Fire Star Press HERE.

Give Me Tomorrow
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