New Mexico’s Rio Grande Gorge Bridge by Kaye Spencer #SweetheartsoftheWest #travel

The Taos, New Mexico area is one of my favorite places to visit. From where I live in the southeastern corner of Colorado, it’s a long day trip The history of the area draws me. With each visit, I make sure to find a new and different place to see…

The last time I visited Taos, my destination was the Rio Grande Gorge, which is roughly 12 miles northwest of town. Having never been there nor having researched anything about the gorge, it was quite a surprise to be driving over nondescript, flat prairie with the San Juan Mountain range off to the northwest and the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range on the east and the next thing I knew, there was a bridge out in the middle of what is a deceptively flat prairie that runs right up to the foot of the surrounding mountains.

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