Historical music trivia and a Valentine’s Day story by Kaye Spencer #westernromance #anthology #SweetheartsoftheWest

One of the many reasons I enjoy writing historical western romance novels and short stories is the research required to make sure all the historical details I include in a story are reasonable accurate.

In my novellete Mail-Order Mix Up (set in Colorado in 1891), which is included in the Valentine’s Day-themed western romance anthology Lariats, Letters, and Lace (Prairie Rose Publications),  I have a scene in which the heroine, Irene Maxon, has a mental image of someone stomping about in heavy boots while singing a marching-type song. A religious song wasn’t appropriate for the situation, yet the lyrics needed to reflect the reason she was thinking of the song.

Battle Hymn of the Republic, John Brown’s Body, and When Johnny Comes Marching Home just did quite fit the scene. Read the rest of the article HERE at the Sweethearts of the West blogspot to find out which Civil War era song I used…

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