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For a quick, uplifting diversion, stop in at the Fire Star Press to read an “All You Need is Love” excerpt from my contemporary cowboy/vampire novel Give Me Tomorrow.

This story is set in northeastern Colorado in 1990. The hero, Jax, is on the road with his thoroughbred racehorse transport service. The heroine, Lissa, has called his mobile phone with birthday wishes…


Each mile was an eternity traveled in checking and re-checking his phone for the reassurance of service. His anticipation for Lissa’s call waned as the hours passed without hearing from her. While still a long way from Omaha, he pulled into a truck stop just as his phone rang. His hopes rose in the same instant he cursed the phone’s display for only showing Incoming Call and not an identifying number.

“This is Jax. Speak your business.”

“I hear you’re thirty‐seven today.” Lissa.

“Are you there? Jax?”

Clearing his throat, he said, “Yeah. Yeah, I’m here. That’s right. Thirty‐seven. I’m getting to be an old man.”

She laughed. “You don’t know what old is. Where are you?”

To read the rest of the excerpt, click [ HERE ]



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