Miraculous Staircase – Santa Fe, New Mexico – by Kaye Spencer #sweetheartsofthewest #LorettoChapel #OldWest


Loretto Chapel – Santa Fe, New Mexico – front view (Kaye Spencer’s photo)

Within the well-preserved and quiet walls of Loretto Chapel in Santa Fé, New Mexico, is a staircase steeped in two mysteries that, for many people, have yet to be solved:

1. Who built the staircase?
2. How is its construction possible?

The Miraculous Staircase, as it is called, was built during a six-month period sometime between 1877 and 1881. To understand the story of the staircase, we must understand a little about the chapel’s history; the vision of its founding; the courage and determination of the people dedicated to its success; and the unwavering faith of these pioneering spirits…

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