Wash Your Hands, Roger – Lava Soap – by Kaye Spencer #classictv #vintagecommercials #handwashing #firestarpress

In my article on the Fire Star Press blog for last Monday, March 23rd, I took a brief look at the history of Lava soap. I included vintage Lava soap commercials that will probably make you chuckle and shake your head. They are certainly dated.

My article begins this way…

In these crazy-scary days of global health concerns, we have a heightened awareness of the importance of washing our hands to prevent and/or slow down the spread of germs and viruses. Here is a brief history of a soap that was a staple in my house when I was growing up. Whether washing with it retarded the spread of disease is unconfirmed. This soap is Lava soap —

Whatever you’re into, Lava gets it out.

Please click HERE to read the entire article.

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