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July 14th was my youngest son’s 40th birthday (Cameron). We had a small get-together at his house. My standard gift for 40th birthdays is a commemorative book of newspaper articles from the day of the person’s birth forward through the years. The one I gave Cameron is a collection from the LA Times. These collections are available in a variety of newspaper choices: New York Times, The Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, and so forth.

Cameron’s book has his name and date of birth included on the cover.

As we browsed the book, Cameron wondered what other memorable events happened on his birthday before he was born (1980). So we investigated. Here are a few interesting highlights.

1973 – The Everly Brothers announced they were breaking up during a performance at Knott’s Berry Farm.

1967 – The Who began a U.S. tour opening for Herman’s Hermits.

1968 – Easy Rider was released.

1946 – Dr. Benjamin Spock’s book Common Sense Book of Baby & Child Care was published.

1912 – Woody Guthrie was born.

1911 – Harry Atwood, an exhibition pilot for the Wright Brothers, landed his airplane at the south lawn of the White House.

1882 – Johnny Ringo, gunfighter who once challenged Doc Holliday, was found dead in Turkey Creek Canyon, Arizona. Click HERE to read more about him.

Doc Holliday meets Johnny Ringo in Tombstone.

1881 – Fort Sumner in the New Mexico Territory, William H. Bonney Jr., aka Billy the Kid, was shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett.

Because we can never have too much Marty Robbins in our lives…

1865 – First ascent of the Matterhorn by Edward Whymper and party.

(Aside: The young adult novel Banner in the Sky by James Ramsey Ullman is somewhat of a retelling of this event. It’s well worth your time to read it.)

1864 – Gold was discovered in Helena, Montana.

1860 – Owen Wister, author of The Virginian, was born.

1850 – The first public demonstration of ice made by refrigeration was done by John Gorrie, a Florida physician.

1845 – The first postmasters’ provisional stamps were issued in New York City.

1795 – French National Convention declares La Marseillaise by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle, as France’s national anthem.

Because this scene gives me goosebumps every time, here’s the scene from Casablanca.

1789 – Bastille Day – The French Revolution began with the fall of the Bastille Prison.

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