21 Days of Chicago Lightning – Teasers, Tidbits, Trivia (Day 10: Micro Excerpt #2) by Kaye Spencer #roaringtwenties #romanticsuspense #prohibitionera

Chicago Lightning is a romantic suspense novel that begins with the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago on February 14, 1929 and ends around midnight two days later in Five Points, New York City.

Micro Excerpt #2 

Jerking awake from the depths of his recurring nightmare, Hagen rolled onto his back. He stared into the murky shadows, while his racing heart slowed, and the terrible memories of being buried alive eased from his mind. With a shaking hand, he swiped the perspiration beaded on his forehead then craned his neck for a look around.

Although distorted, like peering through a sooty windowpane, there was enough light to make out a car up on blocks and other vehicles parked along the walls. A narrow metal ladder reached vertically to a loft area. A desk and chair butted up against another wall with a water pipe running along at shoulder height. A myriad of early morning city noises made their way into his foggy stupor. Cars puttered. A truck backfired. A rooster crowed. Horns honked. Doors slammed. The sound of muffled talking and intermittent radio static came from somewhere close, but he couldn’t pinpoint the source. Maybe from the other side of the door—

It all rushed back like a freight train on a downhill grade. He lurched up, but his arm caught.

“What the hell?”

He yanked his arm to free it, but only succeeded in causing the metal ring around his wrist to gouge into his skin and the chain attached to it to clang and rattle. “Son of a bitch!”

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Kaye Spencer

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