21 Days of Chicago Lightning – Teasers, Tidbits, Trivia (Day 15 – Pre-FBI) by Kaye Spencer #roaringtwenties #romanticsuspense #prohibitionera

Chicago Lightning is a romantic suspense novel that begins with the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago on February 14, 1929 and ends around midnight two days later in Five Points, New York City.

In this story, Hagen Kane is a special agent from the Bureau of Investigation—BOI—which was the organization that evolved into the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). However, there is more to Hagen’s identity than being a BOI agent.

We’re generally familiar with the organization called the FBI, but the name and the organization evolved over time and in response to the changing needs and expectations of a national law enforcement agency.

Referencing the historical information on the FBI website HERE, the following is a brief explanation of where the organization began and how it got its current title.  I encourage you to take the time to read the full history. It is interesting as well as informative.


  • The National Bureau of Criminal Identification was founded in 1896, which was an off-shoot of sorts of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.
  • The assassination of President McKinley sparked a panic that America was under attack from a global anarchism movement.
  • When Vice President Theodore Roosevelt assumed the presidency, he put the wheels in motion to develop a law enforcement agency that functioned independently from the Secret Service. He intended to monitor anarchistic activity and stop it before it happened.
  • To accomplish this, Roosevelt put Charles Bonaparte in charge of creating an independent department that answered only to the Attorney general.
  • In 1908, Bonaparte hired nine Secret Service agents who had worked for him on loan from the Secret Service department in the past and added them to his hand-picked 25. This group became his special agent force on July 26th.

The new force had its mission—to conduct investigations for the Department of Justice—so that date [July 26, 1908] is celebrated as the official birth of the FBI.

  • Prohibition brought new issues to the American streets with the rise of organized crime involved in the illegal alcohol business.
  • Internal problems within the Bureau caused a ‘housecleaning’ and restructuring.
  • In1921, J. Edgar Hoover was named Assistant Director. In three years, he was director.
J. Edgar Hoover in 1961
Citation below
  • In 1933, the BOI, having been linked to the Bureau of Prohibition, was renamed the Division of Investigation (DOI).
  • In 1935, the name changed again to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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