21 Days of Chicago Lightning – Teasers, Tidbits, Trivia (Day 18 – “The Hedge”) by Kaye Spencer #roaringtwenties #romanticsuspense #prohibitionera

Chicago Lightning is a romantic suspense novel that begins with the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago on February 14, 1929 and ends around midnight two days later in Five Points, New York City.


As a diversion from the historical articles I’ve written so far, today’s topic is just for fun.

Toward the latter part of the story, Hagen leaps through a window and over a wide hedge. While this fictional hedge has the clichéd small, but important role, it actually exists two blocks from my house. Here are different angles.

Views 1 and 2 (plus my Doxie Charlie) are from the street end of the hedge. These were taken a few months before some 50 feet of hedge was taken out, because so much of it was dead.

In View 2, you can see those brown areas along the sidewalk.

The hedge runs the half-block from street to alley.

View 3 is a close-up shot of peering through a small area to the other side. The pinkish color is the brick on the house about 12 feet away.

View 4 is the inside of the healthy part of the hedge that is still standing. (Doesn’t look healthy to me, but I’m told this is what the inside of a huge old evergreen hedge looks like.)


View 5 is from the alley looking toward the street where the dead hedge was taken out.

The cat is Caspurr. He’s mine, and he goes with me when I walk the dogs.


Now, when you reach the hedge-jumping scene in Chicago Lightning, you’ll know what I had in mind.





Until next time,
Kaye Spencer

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