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195 years ago—February 4, 1826—James Fenimore Cooper published Last of the Mohicans. It was/is the second in his five-novel series called the Leatherstocking Tales.

Leatherstocking Tales – Stamp series – USSR 1989 – Сергеев Павел, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons






Image of publication dates Source: Wikipedia, Leatherstocking Tales






I grunted my way through these books many years ago. All I can say is… Ugh. Cooper wrote about such an interesting period in American history in such a painfully dry and disjointed manner, not untypical of the time, that even though I have a soft spot in my reading heart for the dry old classics, I cringe at the thought of re-reading them, but I’m considering doing just that for a new perspective of the stories.

However, my lukewarm interest in Last of the Mohicans changed when the 1992 movie came out. I went from Ugh to WOW! in no time flat.



Yes, the movie reassigned names, changed names, swapped love interests, and took great liberties with the plot, but as far as I’m concerned, every change made a huge improvement to the book.

I can’t get enough of everything about this movie version of Last of the Mohicans.


The music. The acting. The scenery. Magua.

I will find you.

The ‘Final Scene – Promontory’ with the hypnotic, tension-building music.

The Kiss—oh the kiss.

If you’re interested in Behind the Scenes ‘Making of the Movie’ videos, go on YouTube and type in: Making “The Last of the Mohican” Parts 1. Parts 2 and 3 will follow automatically.

If these videos aren’t visible on your mobile device, below are the linked YouTube urls for your viewing convenience.

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