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This is recently tamed feral cat named Hagatha (aka Baby Hagatha), who lives at my house. I have pet doors, so all my cats and dogs have free range of a large yard, the house, and a safe-for-animals neighborhood.

feral cat - mother cat
(Baby) Hagatha – momma cat

Baby Hagatha is almost two years old, and she looks just like her mother, Hagatha. Mother Hagatha was a totally feral cat that I was never able to touch, but I rescued all four litters she had (total of 15 kittens over three years), and I found homes for them. (I kept three-Baby Hagatha, Frankie, and Huck – Huck has since disappeared as ferals do).  Mother Hagatha was a mama cat without much in the way of mothering instincts. She disappeared two and a half years ago.

Baby Hagatha moved into the house this winter and tamed herself, thanks to her buddy, Jeffrey. I took him in when he showed up a couple of years ago as a lost and frightened kitten. He is neutered. Now that Baby Hagatha has tamed herself, I will have her spayed once the kittens are weaned.

cat buddies - rescued cats
Jeffrey and Baby Hagatha are best buds.

Well, Hagatha took off for a while and when she came back, it was obvious she was going to have kittens.

She had three. The white kitten was born on April 26th.

newborn kittens - kittens
Baby Hagatha’s three newborn kittens

On April 27th, the second kitten, a black female, and a third kitten, an orange female, were born 27 hours after the white kitten.

It was interesting to learn that kittens can be born so far apart. Mom and babies are doing fine.

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