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My favorite toy during my childhood years was one piece in a collection of 150 (estimate) similar items. I still have this collection but, along with other keepsakes, it’s been packed and stored for decades.

Because this toy isn’t available for me to take a picture of it, I went to the website that made this toy:

This is Diablo, the buckskin mustang model horse. He is Breyer mold #87. He was released in 1961 and his mold was made through 1986.

I was six years old in 1961. The first model horse I received was a birthday gift, but I don’t remember which horse it was. I do, however, remember when I bought Diablo.

It was the summer of 1964. My favorite singer, Marty Robbins, had released a new song in May: The Cowboy in the Continental Suit. The local radio station (KFTM) was giving the song a lot of air time. I waited eagerly every morning  before school as I ate breakfast for the radio to play the song. If you’re not familiar with this classic country song, listen to this video or look up the lyrics, because they relate to this model horse.

A western clothing store where I lived (Fort Morgan, Colorado), sold Mattel and Breyer model horses. Most of my model horse collection came from this store. By chance or coincidence, that summer, the store owners displayed a new model horse in the front window—a semi-rearing buckskin.

One look at that mustang, and I knew he was “The Brute” from Marty Robbins’ song. I spent my own money to buy Diablo. He and I went on many adventures together.

As an aside, if you’re wondering what a continental suit looks like, here is a picture of the actor Cary Grant c. 1960 wearing a continental suit.

It was difficult to choose just one favorite toy. How about for you? Can you narrow your choices to one? What is it?

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Kaye Spencer
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Images: fotolia, Breyer website, Pinterest



    1. HA That’s fabulous. Some of these toys from our childhoods are worth some money nowadays. I recall my parents had a table lamp that had a metal horse with saddle and bridle and the lamp pole skewered the poor horse right through the middle.

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