Bloganuary Day 8 Writing Prompt: What I like best about my writing – #bloganuary #wordpress

To come up with a reason for what I like best about my writing prompted me to view my writing from a perspective I’ve never considered.

I’ve written about why I write (creative expression; emotional and psychological fulfillment; because I cannot not write).

I’ve written about the genres I typically write in (historical romance; historical western romance).

I’ve written all lengths of stories (micro, short short, short story, novelette, novella, novel, epic/saga, serialized web novel).

But I’ve never thought about what it is I like about my writing. It was easier to come up with what I liked about someone else’s writing, so that’s where I started. I considered the books that have stayed with me long after finishing. I thought about my favorite books and why I reread them instead of reading something I’ve never read before. I decided there are two reasons.

The author is a storyteller.
The characters are distinct and well-developed.

I applied those attributes to my own stories—published, unpublished, and in progress. While I do craft well-developed characters, I am first and foremost a storyteller, which is what I like best about my writing.

Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
writing through history one romance upon a time

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