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When I browsed for images to accompany my response to this #bloganuary topic, I was dismayed to find an overwhelming amount of negative visuals for something I don’t view as negative at all.

I’ll explain.

A life lesson I think everyone should learn is how to be alone and not feel lonely (and to understand the difference).

The negative images I found when I looked for ‘alone’, were actually images of people feeling lonely. Alone and lonely are two entirely different states of being as this image (courtesy ‘healthline’) illustrates.

People confuse alone and lonely/loneliness, and they learn to dread/fear being alone. Alone and lonely are adjectives that are incorrectly used as synonyms/interchangeably.

Alone is a state of being that is neither good or bad, positive or negative.
Lonely (loneliness) is an emotional response to a person’s situation, circumstances or particular condition.

This link will take you to an article in Psychology Today magazine that explains the differences much better than I can ramble on about.

Being Alone vs. Being Lonely – April 2020

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*Image: © Can Stock Photo / SoftLight

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