Bloganuary Day 16 Writing Prompt: Passionate about a cause? Not me. #bloganuary #wordpress

I’m not passionate about any causes.

I’m leery of causes, because they sometimes serve as the façade for bandwagon riding. That’s the dark side of ‘passion for a cause’, because it looks a lot like obsession, and obsession, like passion, can be an uncontrollable emotion that blinds a person to reality if a person isn’t really, really grounded.

Maybe the cause I’m passionate about is not being passionate about a cause.

The closest I can come to being passionate about a cause is that I care deeply about being thoughtful, helpful, and kind right here in my community and my neighborhood. Here are a few examples off the top of my head.

  • I take care of cats (feral and abandoned) who depend on me for food, water, shelter, and veterinary care.






  • I feed wild birds all year round.







  • I’ve taken in, and will continue to take in dogs (especially senior-aged dogs) when their ‘parents’ can no longer care for them.










  • I donate money for kids in my community who otherwise wouldn’t have Christmas or birthday gifts.
  • I watch out for my disabled neighbor and an elderly neighbor when they are outside.
  • I sponsor high school athletes who wouldn’t get to go with the team to State playoffs because their parents can’t afford the extra cost to send them.
  • I pay class dues, buy team shirts/shoes, provide lunch money (and so forth) for students whose parents can’t afford the extracurricular costs.

You get the idea. Maybe a cause doesn’t require passionate emotion to make it a cause. Maybe just caring with with a healthy dose of doing something positive is enough to make it a cause.

Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
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