Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 23: Interview a fictional character #bloganuary #wordpress

Today’s #bloganuary topic – ‘Interview a fictional character’ – is a standard high school English class assignment. I know, because I was an English teacher before retirement, and I used this as an assignment.

To write up an interview, and do it well, requires significantly more time and effort than the amount I’ve set aside each evening to write responses for this blogging challenge. So, to quote Westley:

If I had a month to plan I might come up with something.

Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
writing through history one romance upon a time


    1. It does indeed. Some place deep in a forgotten computer folder or on an ancient flash drive stuffed in the back of a desk drawer, I have character interviews for my characters in several of the books I’ve written. To look for them would be a dangerous undertaking akin to looking through a tote full of old photographs: “Oh look! I’d forgotten all about that…” And twelve hours later, you’re still looking and reminiscing and the blog article remains unwritten.

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