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The personal attribute I like most about myself is my sense of humor, which runs toward the dark side of Gallows Humor aka Dark Humor, although I adore Dad jokes of the truly groan-worthy type, wordplay and puns, parody, and anything Steven Wright says.

Actually, the more inappropriate and irreverent the humor for the given situation, the more I like it. My favorite inappropriate humor award goes to the Mary Tyler Moore sitcom episode “Laugh for Chuckles” which aired October 25, 1975. If you’ve ever gotten the giggles at a funeral, this four-minute scene is for you.

Gallows Humor (courtesy











Dad Jokes (courtesy

*”If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?” “Pilgrims.”
*”Why do seagulls fly over the ocean?” “Because if they flew over the bay, we’d call them bagels.”

Puns and Wordplay (courtesy








Parody (courtesy of I don’t know where I found this.)










Steven Wright (courtesy






Mary Tyler More Show – “Laugh for Chuckles”

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