Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 29: Changing the world…? #bloganuary #wordpress

How am I changing the world?

I’m not specifically doing anything to change the world, but neither am I contributing toward the detriment of the world. I’m not a social activist. I’m not passionate about any causes. I don’t volunteer.

But I am a conscientious citizen, neighbor, and friend. I feed/take care of feral and abandoned cats. I take in elderly dogs and see them through to the end of their lives. I donate money toward situations and circumstances worthy of support, especially when it happens within my community, such as:

  • house fire that leaves a family homeless
  • EMS (Emergency Medical Services) fundraisers
  • families dealing with expenses of traveling five hours one way to a hospital
  • children in need of eyeglasses, shoes, etc.

Within reason, I recycle and repurpose instead of throwing away in the dumpster. I conserve on water usage (indoor and outdoor). I’m conservative regarding heating and cooling my house.

I’m a generous and caring mom, grandma, and spouse. I give love and time to my family. I hope my grandkids will learn/have learned from my example.

If any of those things constitute a way that I’m changing the world, then Yay! for me. If not, the best I can say is I’m doing no harm to the world.

Maybe doing no harm is change enough.

Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
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