Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 30: Describe myself as a tree #bloganuary #wordpress #legendofthecottonwoodtree

I’m not going to describe myself as a tree. 

Now that we have that out of the way, I will say that I have two favorite trees:

Russian Olive: They grew around my grandpa’s pond. I have fond memories of their sweet aroma. They are banned in most states for being invasive and noxious. To quote K from Men in Black 1, “…it’s looked upon as an infectious disease in some of the better galaxies. That kind of makes you proud, doesn’t it?”





Cottonwood: These also grew around my grandpa’s pond and along the South Platte River. My family’s ranch land went up to the railroad that ran along the north side of the Ft. Morgan, Colorado stretch of the South Platte for several miles. Cottonwoods require a lot of water to thrive. Cottonwoods in the fall are absolutely gorgeous as the colors change.










Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
writing through history one romance upon a time

*Russian Olive Tree – © Can Stock Photo / silviucenusa
*Cottonwood Tree in autumn – © Can Stock Photo / natureguy
*Cottonwood Tree not in autumn – attribution: Jason Sturner on Flickr


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