A to Z Challenge – I is for Ice Cream – Homemade – Hand-Me-Down Family Recipe by Kaye Spencer #atozchallenge #recipes

A Month of Hand-Me-Down Recipes

Ice Cream – Homemade

When I was but a young whippersnapper, my parents made homemade ice cream in a hand-crank ice cream maker for years before they bought an electric one. For both, I often balanced/stood on the top of the paddles when the ice cream was just about ready in order to keep the paddles down in the steel freezer container and the paddle lid from popping clear off the outer wooden bucket as the ice cream thickened.

On a historical note: American Nancy Johnson invented the first ice cream maker in 1846. It worked with a crank and coarse salt. It was originally called a Sorbetiere.



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  1. I remember hand-cranking ice cream! It was always when there were a mess of cousins around, so no one had to do it for too long.

    1. Making homemade ice cream is one of those childhood memories that goes hand-in-hand with family gatherings and family reunions. The adults were pretty darn smart in that the kids (cousins) all wanted turns at cranking or standing on the top so the adults didn’t have to. haha

  2. Ice cream is the food of gods

    Stopping by on the A2Z Challenge to say “Hi”

    All the best for the rest of the challenge.

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