A to Z Challenge – R is for Raisins and Carrots Salad – Hand-Me-Down Family Recipe by Kaye Spencer #atozchallenge #recipes

A Month of Hand-Me-Down Recipes

Raisins and Carrots Salad c. 1920

When I was a kid, my mom made this salad WAY too often to suit me. I haven’t made it, let alone eaten it, in decades. I purchased this image from CanStockPhotos.com to show what it looks like. In the salad’s defense, though, it’s quick and easy to make, and the ingredients are non-specific as far as how much of each ingredient you use. I can almost tolerate it with salad dressing, aka Miracle Whip, in place of mayonnaise…almost.

Jimmy “The Tulip” Tudesky and I have the same opinion of mayonnaise. (The Whole Nine Yards, 2000)

*Bowl of Mongolian Carrot Salad – © Can Stock Photo / fanfo

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    1. Ooh… pineapple. Now that is a scrumptious improvement over raisins. I’m definitely doing this.

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