A to Z Challenge – T is for Tiny Tea Cookies – Hand-Me-Down Family Recipe by Kaye Spencer #atozchallenge #recipes

A Month of Hand-Me-Down Recipes

Tiny Tea Cookies c. 1968

I made these cookies in 7th grade home economics class. The teacher’s only method of making multiple copies (rather than writing out 30+ individual recipes) was via mimeograph. The word mimeograph elicits a distinctive olfactory memory for me. If you’re not among those nodding in remembrance, here is a blog article that reminisces about the mimeograph days in schools.

This is the original recipe: Mexican Wedding Cakes. You’ll notice the typo in the directions. Mimeographing was a messy endeavor. Purple ink fingertips were a clear indicator that you were still a newbie at the mimeograph machine. Typos were tolerated rather than start over.

My second-oldest granddaughter renamed these cookies Tiny Tea Cookies when I served them to her during our Kentucky Derby tea party when she was 5 years old. The name fits.

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    1. Russian tea cakes. Mexican Wedding Cakes. Tiny Tea Cookies.

      A cookie by any other name would taste as sweet.


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