A to Z Challenge – Y is for YIKES! I’ve been skunked – Hand-Me-Down Family Recipe by Kaye Spencer #atozchallenge #recipes

A Month of Hand-Me-Down Recipes


Skunk Spray Deodorizer

This isn’t a hand-me-down family recipe, but it is a sure-fire skunk spray deodorizer. I don’t remember where I found this during a frantic middle-of-the-night Internet search for skunk spray neutralizer. It was several years ago…probably 10 years at least. I’ve used it countless times since, including the aftermath of the visit from this curious fellow three summers ago. He (she?) was investigating short corridor of the the cat door that is built into the house wall.

He didn’t make it inside. I saw him on the security camera, and I ran like Forrest Gump for the sliding door that shuts the cat door from the inside. In protest, he left his stinky calling card as he departed.

I mixed up a batch of the skunk spray deodorizer and washed down the bricks and the concrete steps. There was only a hint of lingering skunk smell for a few days.


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    1. HAHAHA I almost, literally, didn’t see that skunk coming. My dogs were skunked so many times during that particular summer and fall. It was awful. haha

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