#Bloganuary Jan 8 – Family Tree – How far back

The #Bloganuary prompt for today asks how far back I’m able to trace members of my family tree. I’d love to have a complete family history, but the cost to hire a genealogist isn’t money I’m willing to pay, and I’m equally unwilling to devote the time necessary to do a thorough job myself.

However, I have browsed around the website FamilySearch.org, and I’ve discovered just enough family history to be tempted to shell out money and/or time to learn more about my family. Almost.

On my dad’s paternal side, the family tree that the FamilySearch website generated for me takes my ancestors back to a William Wentworth (1375-1441) who was married to Lady Agnes De Dronsfeld (1368-1461).

While this is intriguing, it’s just surface level of names and dates. I have no idea if the connections that put these two people at the end of that branch of the family tree are really ancestors. They could be rabbit hole connections. But it was still a  WOW! factor when I found this.

As far as actually being able to verify an ancestor on this branch of my tree, I can confidently say I can trace my dad’s paternal ancestry to my great great great grandfather and grandmother. That’s not too shabby.

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