#Blognuary Jan 13 – How I would spend one billion dollars #wordpress

I can’t conceive how much money one billion dollars is. I can sort of wrap my head around the conversion of one billion equaling 1000 million.

If I had $1000 million dollars to spend, I would, in no particular order:

  • gift the yearly maximum allowable federal monetary amount to myself and each of my immediate blood relatives every year for the rest of our lives (roughly $12000 to $15000 per person per year);
  • donate millions to archeological organizations;
  • donate millions to hospitals and research facilities for children’s health;
  • donate millions to organizations that provide families with assistance to offset expenses when their children are undergoing medical procedures;
  • donate millions to animal protection/rescue organizations;
  • donate millions to assist in world refugee situations;
  • donate millions to organizations that assist women with medical needs/protections the US Supreme Court rescinded in June 2022; and
  • set up scholarships for people of any age to pursue technical and/or trade school certifications/degrees (not for ‘traditional’ academic college degrees).

A billion dollars is an insane amount of money that could be shared for the good of humanity. More importantly, it should be shared.


Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
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Image: GiveBack – © Can Stock Photo / PixelsAway





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