#Bloganuary Jan 18 – Favorite meal to cook or eat #wordpress

Today’s #Bloganuary prompt – favorite meal to cook or eat – is an easy one for me to write about.

I don’t have a favorite meal to eat or to cook. I have foods I like more than I dislike. To name a few I like more than dislike:

  • cheese pizza and beer
  • roast beef, potatoes, and gravy
  • traditional Thanksgiving meal or Sunday chicken dinner
  • cereal and milk
  • pancakes with ‘white’ syrup
  • wine with cheese and crackers
  • food categorized as ‘junk’.

I won’t list foods I dislike. There are too many. I’m a picky eater with taste, aroma, and texture aversions. I’m too old to tolerate people saying I should try it, because I might like it. That annoying advice didn’t work when I was younger, and I’m not embracing it now. Conversely, I don’t go hungry, when food is cooked that I don’t like. I always manage to find something to eat. I don’t whine or complain.

As far as a favorite meal to cook, my attitude toward cooking is two-fold.


Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
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