#Bloganuary Jan 19 – What color describes my personality and why? #wordpress

I had my color(s) determined years ago when it was a touchy-feely, team-building, synergistic (now that’s a buzz word for you) fad to do so. (I won’t name the programs.)

I made this from a conglomeration from different colors charts to serve my purpose here.

I can’t remember how many times I had my personality colors determined, whether it was during my school psychology degree classes, my master’s in special education teaching degree program, my elementary education teacher’s degree program, principal certification, or special education director certification.

Every time, even when years separated the tests, I showed a consistent BLUE-GOLD personality. Depending upon what was going on in my life and/or the particular educational program I was in at the time, I would be a few points more or less dominant in BLUE or GOLD, but there was no doubt I was BLUE-GOLD.

That creates a mental and emotional problem to have a split color personality of BLUE-GOLD. The GOLD part of me wants to get things done my way and right now, because I know best and just DO IT MY WAY. The BLUE part of me backs off and worries that now you may be feeling badly about yourself because I was so pushy.

The color I’m not is ORANGE. I don’t have a spontaneous bone in my body. In my younger days, I was adventurous (aren’t we all when we’re young, 10 feet tall, and bullet-proof?), but not ORANCE-adventurous. As for GREEN… I’m logical enough, and I’m investigative. But I’m not analytical and detached. I’m entirely too BLUE-emotional to have much GREEN in me.

Putting all that aside, if I were to choose a color that suits me, soothes me, and pleases me without some sort of testing behind the choice, it would be autumnal reddish-brownish-orange, which is often the color of our prairie sunsets.







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