#Bloganuary Jan 24 – How I show love #wordpress

There are countless ways to show, rather than tell, someone(s) that you love them. I might…

    • Send a card
    • Give a gift
    • Cook a meal
    • Buy a meal
    • Give of my  time
    • Run errands
    • Sit at someone’s bedside in the hospital
    • Hold hands, say nothing
    • Watch the sunrise or sunset with someone
    • Have coffee together on the porch swing
Heart shape made from coffee beans and cup of coffee, spelling love coffee.
  • Sit on the porch and reminisce about old times
  • Attend a child’s sporting event, music recital, program
  • Star-watch together
  • Drive someone to an appointment
  • Treat s to a movie or dinner out
  • Send a text so they know I made it
  • Share a bottle of wine and talk

Showing love can be anything given from your heart.

I thought of this song when I read today’s prompt: More than Words by Extreme. The song’s message is all about showing love and not merely saying the words, I love you. It’s a message worth contemplating.

Here is the song performed by Steven Tyler and Nunu Bettencourt at the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

Until next time.
Kaye Spencer
writing through history one romance upon a time

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