Daily Prompt #JusJoJan Jan 26: Family

Families and the family dynamic are themes that show up in my stories. My main characters either have plenty of living family members, or they have few to none. I don’t seem to have a middle ground with the number of living relations a particular character might have.

In my very first published western romance, the male protagonist has a mother, father, and brother that he interacts with daily. There are extended family members, but they live a continent away. The female protagonist hasn’t a single living relative. She also has dissociative amnesia. Back in my day, we called this psychosomatic amnesia.

She is taken in as one of the family by the male protagonist’s mom and dad. She is so afraid something will happen or she’ll do something that will cause them to turn her away no matter how much they assure her they won’t. Consequently, some of her choices and decisions aren’t necessarily in her best interests, but she’ll do just about anything to stay where she is. (This isn’t a creepy family story. The family members are decent, caring people, and the female protagonist is, also.)

This book, Lonely Places, isn’t in publication, although it’s undoubtedly ‘out there’ in pirated e-Book Internet land. I’m currently expanding the storyline for 2nd Edition publication to add more depth to the family dynamics.

This story is also somewhat autobiographical. 😉

Today’s word prompt, family, courtesy of Linda and J-Dub.

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Kaye Spencer
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