#Bloganuary Jan 28 – Describe my perfect birthday cake #wordpress

The perfect birthday cake is homemade Angel food cake with a white, fluffy, gooey, cooked-on-the-stove sticky frosting.

It’s a rule that you eat this cake with your fingers. Every bite melts in your mouth like warm cotton candy flowing decadently over your tongue. The frosting sticks to your fingers, corners of your mouth, and lips. You savor each morsel, each tentative tip-of-your-tongue swiping over your lips to get every single bit that lingers.

A sweet champagne or sparkling wine complements, and enhances, the entire experience of indulging in this cake. Add fresh strawberries for another level of complete and utter Angel food cake bliss.

This cake is the Mary Poppins of birthday cakes. It’s not only practically perfect in every way, it makes a great wedding cake, too.

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Kaye Spencer
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