#Bloganuary Jan 30 – Chapter titles for my (make-believe) autobiography #wordpress

My autobiography would be good for one purpose: an insomnia intervention.

However, in the spirit of #Bloganuary and today’s writing prompt, I will assign three song titles to the chapters (years) of my make-believe autobiograpy.

Chapter 1Up to 10: Don’t Fence Me In | Fishin’ in the Dark | Grandpa, Tell me ‘Bout the Good Old Days
Chapter 211 to 18: Rodeo | Who am I? | I Got You, Babe
Chapter 319 to 25: Elusive Dreams | Dear Theodosia | Paint It Black
Chapter 426 to 30: D-I-V-O-R-C-E |I Will Survive | There’s a Kind of Hush
Chapter 531 to 35: (several college) Alma Mater songs | Hello | Is This Love?
Chapter 6: 36 to 40: I Won’t Back Down | Everybody’s Working for the Weekend | I’m Still Standing

Chapter 7: 42 to 45: Slipping Through My Fingers | How Does a Moment Last Forever | Sad Songs
Chapter 8: 46 to 50: On the Road Again | I’ve Been Everywhere | Home, Sweet, Home (not the folk song)
Chapter 9: 51 to 60: If I Could Turn Back Time | My Heart Will Go On| Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Chapter 10: 60 to 65: Those Were the Days | Glory Days | Windmills of Your Mind
Chapter 11: 66 to Second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning: Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) | My Way | My Rifle, My Pony, and Me…

Until next time
Kaye Spencer
writing through history one romance upon a time

Image: Retro Tough Quote – © Can Stock Photo / sibgat
Image: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables – The last look at my classroom the day I retired.




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