Love is in Da Blog – Feb 5: Choose a love song – Great White Horse #LoIsIDaBl23

Bee’s prompt today is a ‘choose your own’ love song.

I mentioned on Feb. 1st that Buck Owens would return during Love Is In Da Blog month, and here he is with his singing partner, Susan Raye, performing the gentle and wistful song Great White Horse.

I’ve loved this song for ages and ages. I was delighted to hear it in the 2004 movie Dear Frankie (Gerard Butler and Emily Mortimer). Dear Frankie is a sleeper movie. Give it a watch for its message of a woman’s struggle to relearn trust and how to love again while protecting her child with special needs.

The song, Great White Horse, was co-written by Buck Owens and Leanne Scott. Buck Owens and Susan Raye released their version in 1970. It is a soft and lovely duet.

The lyrics are heart-felt and touching. It is a song of loving who you’re with and loving the life you have together.

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Kaye Spencer
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