Love is in Da Blog – Feb 10: Unconditional Love Song – My Woman My Woman My Wife #LoIsIDaBl23

Today’s musical prompt from Bee, a love song about unconditional love, is an easy choice for me.

Marty Robbins wrote and recorded the greatest love song of all time. Well, it’s the greatest love song on my list of love songs. 😉 It is a song of unconditional love.

My Woman, My Woman, My Wife

This is the cover to the 1970 vinyl LP, which featured this song. My Woman, My Woman, My Wife was his 14th No. 1 country music hit. He also won the 1971 Grammy for Best Country Song for this beautiful tribute to the love of his life: his wife.

According to the information on the website CountryThangDaily, Marty Robbins revealed in a 1978 interview that he wrote the song for, and about, his wife, Marizona Baldwin, whom he married in June 1945. I thought the lines in that song were the things that a man would want to say to his wife, and they were things that I wanted to say to her. And my wife is everything I said in that song. It’s a true song.

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