Love is in Da Blog – Feb 11: Love Song of Forgiveness – Tonight Carmen #LoIsIDaBl23

Yesterday, I shared a love song about unconditional love by the country music artist Marty Robbins. Well, guess what? Marty and his music return for today’s musical prompt from Bee and Caramel: a love song about forgiveness. 

Tonight Carmen

The lyrics to Tonight Carmen are ambuiguous about why the man and woman have been apart. The line – tonight Carmen’s coming back home – makes me think the woman is the one who left, and the man remained at their home.

I can imagine all sorts of scenarios, but whatever the reason that put them apart, I’ve always considered this a song of forgiveness and reunion regardless of who has forgiven whom. In my mind, the woman left the man (the reason(s) aren’t important), but they’ve managed to patch things up through forgiveness of whatever happened in order to give their relationship another chance.

The emotional fall-out from the separation is still raw, and the singer’s emotions run pretty hot at times.

Tonight Carmen, written and recorded by Marty Robbins, was released in May 1967. It became his 12th No. 1 country hit.

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