Love is in Da Blog – Feb 13: Kenny G – smooth jazz #LoIsInDaBl23

The musical prompt for Feb. 13th courtesy of Bee Writes is to share a jazz song from my 30s.

Jazz isn’t a genre I listen to or enjoy, but I make an exception for Kenny G. From what I understand, Kenny G’s sound is smooth jazz, and I do like it. So, apparently, I’m not a complete jazz snob.

Kenny G was popular in the 1980s, which coincides with my 30s. So, here’s a lovely and romantic smooth jazz song featuring Kenny G and Peabo Bryson.

By the Time this Night is Over

I wasn’t aware Kenny G existed until I came across his holiday music Miracles: The Holiday album (1994). After that introduction to his particular tenor saxophone sound, I heard him all over the place, especially in movies, such as Pretty Woman, Cars, and The Bodyguard.

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